VIDEO: Huge Thread of Kristaps Porzingis Mistakes Will Make Any Knicks Fan Weirdly Joyful

We don't doubt that Dallas Mavericks fans are still drooling at the thought of pairing Kristaps Porzingis with Luka Doncic for the next several years. The blockbuster trade of yesteryear saw the Unicorn dealt from the Big Apple to Big D after he demanded a trade away from the New York Knicks. It doesn't take a basketball guru to come to terms with the fact that Porzingis has a world of potential, but the former No.4 overall pick has made a profusion of mistakes early on in 2019, all of which indicate that he has a ways to go before he can be considered a bonafide superstar in the NBA.

You can't teach heart, and that defensive and rebounding effort by the 7-foot-3 marksman is nothing short of abominable.

We're no experts, but something tells us that it would benefit the Zinger if he would try (at least a little bit) to gain some separation before pulling from distance?

Food for thought for the future.

Here we have a classic sequence where the tallest player on the hardwood doesn't provide an ounce of effort into skying for a rebound.

As expected, it led to a made basket by the Orlando Magic, because karma.

No disrespect to Jonathan Isaac, but that can't even be considered a pump fake...and Porzingis fell for it. All the Florida State product did here was merely set his feet.

We're not going to lie, seeing Kristaps get bullied by a 6-foot-7 Evan Fournier is not something we thought we'd witness in this lifetime.

What was that people were saying about Porzingis hitting the weight room over the offseason?

We don't even know what happened on this play, but it appears that the Latvian got caught between two minds. Perhaps he is just that afraid of taking on Isaac in the paint.

Feel free to regurgitate your breakfasts, Mavs maniacs, because this thread of mistakes, sheer ineptitude, and evident lack of effort is downright alarming.

If you look closely, you can see thousands of Knicks fans pictured on Times Square's big screens, grinning in sheer elation. They saw the whole "lack of effort" and "bad choices" thing for years, but didn't want to acknowledge it.'s still happening.