VIDEO: High School Player Comes Back From ACL Tear and Hits Improbable Home Run in State Title Game

What an incredible story out of Covington High School. Catcher Kyle Ginn, who missed the majority of the season due to an ACL and meniscus injury suffered during football season, came up to the plate with a chance to make an impact in the state championship game with one swing. Safe to say Ginn delivered and then some.

This is Kirk Gibson and then some. A torn ACL and meniscus injury takes nearly a full year for even the best athletes to come back from. While we don't know the longevity of Ginn's injury timetable, his ability to persevere from such a traumatic setback at such a young age should inspire even the greatest of athletes.

Looks like Scott Van Pelt already took notice.

Damn right.

Good on Ginn getting his well-deserved fame for this moment, and hopefully some potential colleges were watching, as this young backstop has some serious pop. At the very least, he's earned viral fame for years to come.