VIDEO: High School Basketball Player Gets Called for Worst Blocking Foul You'll Ever See

It goes without saying that one of amateur basketball's most significant flaws is the lack of freedom that referees allow players to have. The abundance of touch and blocking fouls that are called is nothing short of infuriating at the collegiate level, but a game in the high school ranks just put that aforementioned notion to shame. Ladies and gentleman, may we present to you the worst blocking foul call in the history of basketball.

The sheer shock in the commentator's voice says it all about this horrendous call, folks. The defender actually couldn't have played cleaner defense if he tried. He kept his hands up and didn't even jump to contest the shot.

In fact, the player with the ball made things easier for the ref, as he attempted to jump to the side of the defender to avoid contact...and the zebra still botched his assessment!

High school refereeing at its absolute finest, folks.