VIDEO: Hector Neris Appears to Direct F-Bomb Into Dodgers Dugout After Recording Save for Phillies

The Phillies bullpen has been much-maligned in 2019, and this includes closer Hector Neris, who has yet to fully solidify himself as the leader of the group. Neris has a negative history against the likes of the Los Angeles Dodgers, which Philadelphia was conveniently hosting on Thursday in the final matchup of their hotly-contested series. Neris has blown several saves against the Dodgers in the past, yet finally closed the door on LA on Thursday. After doing so, he directed some NSFW trash talk at the Dodgers dugout.

Upon first look, it's not completely clear what Neris is saying, although there's definitely some intent behind it. According to the Dodgers players, Neris' intentions were quite obvious, as the 30-year-old Dominican offering up an F-bomb towards the opposing dugout.

Neris should watch his actions, especially considering Philadelphia could very well meet up with Los Angeles again before or during the postseason, should the Phillies make it that far.