VIDEO: Hawks Weirdly Played Somber Music When Celtics' Daniel Theis Leaves Game With Injury

Boston Celtics center Daniel Theis
Boston Celtics center Daniel Theis /

Boston Celtics' big man Daniel Theis went down with what looked to be a rather painful ankle injury on Monday during the team's clash in Atlanta against the Hawks. Well, Theis was forced to leave the game and was escorted off the floor by the training staff. While he was hobbling off the court, State Farm Arena was bizarrely playing some sad music, which, combined with the injury, made for a rather strange moment.

Theis was limping towards the Celtics' locker room while some somber sounding piano began to play in the background. After a while it almost started to feel like a tribute to Theis, as if he had suffered some sort of gruesome injury.

This is the kind of music you'd expect to hear during some emotional YouTube video, not at an NBA game.

Whether this was the Hawks taking a shot at the injured Theis is unclear, though that would be a rather low blow if that were the case, but the timing of the events is suspicious to say the least.