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VIDEO: Gronk, James Corden and Venus Williams Appear in Halftime Show Dance With the Laker Girls

One of the NBA's most recognized dance teams had a special guest join the show on Tuesday night. None other than former Patriots star Rob Gronkowski was busting out his moves on the hardwood in front of the crowd at Staples Center, joining the Laker Girls in their halftime show.

Gronkowski was joined by ames Corden and Venus Williams center stage at the Staples Center, as the trio teamed up with the Laker Girls, though Gronk was dressed considerably more boldly than his fellow celebrities.

Believe it or not, this is only the second biggest thing Gronk did on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, the former tight end revealed the secret behind his highly coveted "announcement," which ended up just being Gronk announcing to everyone that he's having a Super Bowl party.

Now, Patriots fans have to watch him dance like a lunatic at a Lakers game, shaking his hips while rocking a bright gold tank top. That can't be a fun sight to see over in Beantown.