VIDEO: Gervonta Davis' Dominating KO of Ricardo Núñez in Slow Motion is a Thing of Beauty

Gervonta Davis is a bad, bad man. And if Ricardo Núñez didn't know this when he woke up Saturday morning, he surely does now. In the second round of this evening's junior lightweight showdown in Baltimore, Davis went guns blazing. Núñez could do little to stop the onslaught, and though he was able to defend a number of big right hands, he couldn't survive forever. The referee stopped the fight and awarded a TKO to Davis-- one that looks pretty sweet in slow motion.

Yikes. Some of those right-handed shots were absolutely searing. Effervescent. Flush.

The whole thing didn't look to bad at normal speed, either.

Yep, the night belongs to Gervonta. At 24 years of age and 22-0 for his career, this Baltimore-born fighter keeps proving that he's a real one to watch.