VIDEO: Georgia State Head Coach Takes Shot at SEC Following Remarkable Upset Over Tennessee

Based on the Week 1 action we just witnessed, the seedy underbelly of the SEC doesn't have a ton of meat in it. A four-year veteran Gamecock QB fell on neutral territory to UNC, and, well...the Tennessee Vols got flat-out manhandled by Georgia State on their turf in Knoxville. Georgia State finished 2-10 last year. Keeping the good vibes rolling, Panthers head coach Shawn Elliott had the impassioned postgame speech of a lifetime saved up, with fire in his eyes...and a shot at the conference he just decked.

"Today's game just meant more to us!" Elliott unleashed, as the room went bonkers.

God, does anything feel better than going out and taking something from the collegiate hoi polloi? Yes, even though it's only the Vols, that still counts as an SEC embarrassment -- Jeremy Pruitt still has plenty of that Saban Stink on him. Well played, fella.