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VIDEO: Georgia Freshman Wideout George Pickens Makes Absolutely Unthinkable Catch at Practice

This is hands down the best catch you'll see all football season. It may even be the one-handed catch to end all one-handed catches, regardless of the fact that it happened in practice. Georgia wideout George Pickens went up for a ball, sustained contact from the man covering him, and somehow managed to come down with it for an unthinkable catch.

The fact that he not only got a hand on that ball but actually came down with it clean is downright logic-defying. There's simply no way that should have happened.

But it did. The bar for athleticism at the wideout position has been raised to an impossibly high level after Pickens' wonderous feat in practice.

Pickens is a 5-star wideout and has already been compared to AJ Green in Athens. While that might be unfair expectations to place on a freshman, he's already living up to the hype on the practice field.