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VIDEO: Geoff Neal Caps Thrilling Battle Against Niko Price With Vicious Ground and Pound KO

We just saw an all-out war at UFC 240! To lead into this evening's co-main event, Geoff Neal and Niko Price gave us a true barn-burner. Both fighters traded powerful, searing shots in the first round, and somehow, the second round was even more electric. And in the end, after looking like he himself was dead to rights, "Handz of Steel" Neal turned the tables on Price and pummeled him into a TKO stoppage.

That... is a tough, tough son of a gun.

This isn't to take anything away from Price, of course, who had a real chance to end this thing early with some devastating strike flurries of his own. In so many ways, this match had just about everything we could have wanted from two heavy swingers ready to leave it all out in the Octagon.

We are not worthy! What a perfect way to get ready for Cyborg vs. Spencer, huh?