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VIDEO: FOX Announcer Unnecessarily Praises Aaron Rodgers for Most Routine Pass Ever

FOX praises Aaron Rodgers for routine screen pass
FOX praises Aaron Rodgers for routine screen pass

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and a future Hall of Famer. Due to these consistent accolades, there's really no reason to heap for praise upon him, unless it's truly deserved. In many cases it is! However, for this rather routine screen pass against the Washington Redskins, the FOX broadcast crew felt the need to drool over Rodgers' ability to...throw a short distance to his right without his feet planted. Seriously.

Rodgers had a rather pedestrian game against the Redskins, but for his standards it's not exactly out of the norm. Yet, Rodgers offers us so many opportunities to credit him in any one game. Why choose this one? It's almost as if the FOX crew missed a previous blitz pickup or audible arranged by the Packers QB and felt the need to -- similar with referees and make-up calls -- fix such an error with a play that doesn't deserve much comment, if any.

This play is unlikely to be highlighted in the Packers film session by Matt LaFleur, and for good reason. It's just so...average.