VIDEO: Fans Throw Beer at Jeremy Stephens After UFC Mexico Fight is Cancelled Due to Poked Eye

The main event at UFC Mexico was cancelled after Jeremy Stephens was poked in the eye and ruled unable to continue after just 15 seconds. Yair Rodriguez scraped Stephens' eyes with his hand, inadvertently, but did enough damage for the medical staff to deem the latter ineligible to fight. Well, the fans in Mexico City were less than thrilled, and in a disgusting act they showered Stephens and his team with beer and popcorn as they hurried out of sight.

Fans were heaving their concessions onto the ring as well as onto Stephens and his crew, who were trying to exit the arena hastily.

Over at the ESPN commentary table, things weren't going much better.

Yes, that's play-by-play man Brendan Fitgerald taking cover underneath the desk while partner and former UFC fighter Michael Bisping rides it out under an ever-increasing wave of Modelo Especial.

Some fans were reported to have run down from their seats in order to get a better angle with which to throw their popcorn and beer at the fighter, in a truly disappointing display from the spectators.