VIDEO: Fake Kawhi Leonard Tricking Fans at Raptors Parade and Signing Autographs

The 'Fun Guy' Kawhi Leonard has been the most talked about player in sports since winning the NBA title, but on the morning of the Raptors championship parade, it is his doppelgänger that is receiving all the attention. This trickster is fooling people left and right:

Hopefully someone tells that fan who asked to have his cap signed that that is not Leonard, and he just got an autograph from some average joe on the street. This man has an uncanny resemblance to the Finals MVP, and from the looks of things, he is about to have the day of his life in Toronto.

There have been a lot of doppelgängers in sports over the past couple of years, from fake Klay Thompson, to the fan who replicated every part of Ichiro Suzuki's batting stance in Seattle. But, fake Kawhi may have picked the best time to come out of the woodwork, as he is stealing the spotlight and getting celebrity treatment at the Raptors parade.