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VIDEO: Elderly Bengals Fan Caught Sending Extremely Dark Text About Andy Dalton During Game

The Cincinnati Bengals do not appear to be a good football team in 2019, and while most of the fingers can be pointed firmly at the defense, one fan seems to blame Andy Dalton for the team's woes. In fact, this guy absolutely despises everything about the existence of the Bengals' QB, and he laid that out in a text message he was sending to a buddy during the game. Clearly, he's not a fan of the Red Rifle.

For those struggling to read what was written in the texts, it says, "F***ing Andy dalton. I hope he dies on the field in the second half so I can run on the field and stomp on his corpse."

The fan typed out the message, gave it a quick edit, and sent it happily on its way before putting his phone back in his pocket, feeling like a far more accomplished individual for having just wished death upon his team's quarterback.

It's certainly confusing for Dalton to be generating so much hate from this individual. After all, the signal caller has been effective in 2019, throwing four touchdowns to just one interception and surpassing 725 yards on the season in just two games.

Still, when the team is 0-2 and the future looks no more promising than the first two weeks of action, fans start to get disgruntled. This guy is leading the charge in that regard.