VIDEO: Eddie Butler Freaked Out Like a Child After Walking a Batter in KBO Game

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For those of you who didn't know, former heralded Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs pitcher Eddie Butler is now pitching over in the KBO for the NC Dinos. During a recent start, Butler threw a breaking ball that didn't come close to the plate, thus walking the batter. Out of frustration, Butler brought out his inner child and freaked out on the mound by tossing his glove in the air and then punting it.

I know he's frustrated, but do you think he would do that in the big leagues? The KBO may not be MLB but it's still a professional league, not some rec or intramural league in his home state of Virginia. Act like a pro, not a kid.

The entire charade left many confused, particularly the umpire who was watching the tirade with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Naturally, the outburst from Butler led to a mound visit, as any good pitching coach would realize that he needed to settle down the visibly frustrated hurler.

Butler has never been one to shield his emotions on the mound, and when he gets angry or frustrated, he'll let you know about it.

The funny thing is this free pass didn't cost his team the game. It was a lead off walk in the bottom of the fifth inning. If surrendering a single walk results in this type of behavior, I'd hate (or perhaps love) to see what happens when he gives up a long ball.