VIDEO: Zion Williamson Completely Destroys Club in Attempt at Hitting a Golf Ball

The legend of Zion Williamson and his Herculean feats of strength continue to grow. The superstar New Orleans Pelicans rookie has now taken his destructive power to the world of golf, where he couldn't even use a 7-iron without breaking it. Williamson actually swung the club so hard, and hit the ground with so much force, that it snapped the head clean off. least we know that his career after basketball is not going to involve much golf.

Zion smashed that club in two almost as easily as he ripped through his shoe.

Still better than Charles Barkley, though.

Williamson, who checks in at 285 pounds, continues to set social media on fire with acts that would be out of the ordinary if Mr. Olympia did them, let alone a 19-year-old basketball player. From snapping clubs in half to ripping a basketball away the clutches of another grown man, Williamson's power knows no bounds.

Zion's debut as a Pelican will come on Oct. 22 against the Toronto Raptors. The way his offseason has been going, maybe he'll bring down the backboard in his first game.