VIDEO: Drake's Offseason Jump-Shot Highlights Are the Worst Thing Maybe of All Time

It's fairly renowned Drake shares a unique relationship with basketball. Throughout the NBA season, the decorated hip-hop/rap artist is almost always seen courtside at Toronto Raptors games encouraging his squad and excoriating opposing players. What we never knew (until today), however, was just how prolific Drizzy was at playing hoops. Luckily enough, a highlight clip of Drizzy draining long-range jumpers has recently gone viral on Twitter. In case you were wondering, he catches fire, but this clip is beyond weak:

It's begging to be said, so we're going to do just that: even the most un-athletic of goons can drill a few three-pointers in a row if given enough reps on a free court.

Not only is Drake's overall shooting form laughable, but he takes forever just to get the ball off his hands, and barely gets off the ground, so we can't befittingly even call it a "jump shot".

We do, however, respect the commitment of the OVO Sound boss. Not many celebrities care enough about their game to hire a professional shooting coach, but he might want to wait a while before releasing another highlight tape.

Give the people what they really want -- more music.