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VIDEO: Drake and Patrick Beverley Jokingly Talking Trash During Raptors-Clippers is Great

Drake and Patrick Beverley enjoyed some trash talk.
Drake and Patrick Beverley enjoyed some trash talk.

Drake has not shied away from showing his emotions during Toronto Raptors games. His latest act of talking trash to Patrick Beverley is a bit more tame and fun than his usual behavior, meaning everyone can probably enjoy this.

Beverley is the king of trash talk, making this a star-studded war of words.

There's a bit more background between the two as Drake reportedly started dating Beverley's ex-girlfriend back in 2014. That would have made this a bit more intense if it was recent, but both seem to have moved on from the situation.

Nonetheless, fans are desperate to know what was said.

Drake got a championship ring from the Raptors whether people like it or not. Just because Kawhi left doesn't mean the rapper and ambassador won't be a significant presence for this team at every turn.

As long as he keeps it fun there should be no issues.