VIDEO: Doug Pederson Canceled the Eagles' Last OTA to Take the Team Bowling

Chemistry and camaraderie are valued aspects of every sports team. It's also important to keep morale and energy around the team at a high level. Rather than slog through the final day of OTAs with everyone's minds elsewhere, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson went a different route. He canceled practice and took the entire team bowling. Love it!

It looked to be a real team-bonding experience, the type that plays a part during the grind of the NFL season.

Judging by the video, Carson Wentz's accuracy throwing the football appears to translate quite nicely to other sports. Pederson seems pretty proficient with the pins as well.

While no longer the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Eagles are coming off another fine season in which they nearly advanced to the NFC Championship Game.

Coaches are always looking for inventive ways to invigorate their team. Audibles like this one tend to do the trick more often than not.