VIDEO: Doc Rivers Had Hilariously Bummed-Out Reaction When Mike Budenholzer Won Coach of the Year

Milwaukee Bucks skipper Mike Budenholzer won NBA Coach of the Year at the NBA Awards on Monday night, but Doc Rivers wasn't having it. The Los Angeles Clippers head coach graced the NBA world with an absolutely hilarious face of disgust when he learned that Budenholzer won the award over him.

That's an all-time reaction right there, but in fairness, both coaches had a valid claim to the award.

Budenholzer guided the Bucks to a 60-win season and steered them to within two wins of the NBA Finals. Rivers, on the other hand, helped lead Clippers team that most of the league had written off to a 48-win year and two surprising wins against the Golden State Warriors in the opening round of the NBA Playoffs.

Still, it's a classic Doc Rivers moment that's sure to be remembered for quite some time.