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VIDEO: DeSean Jackson Gives Back to Philly and Helps Feed the Homeless

All of Philadelphia rejoiced when they were able to bring fan favorite DeSean Jackson back to the City of Brotherly Love. Not only will he add some explosiveness to the Eagles offense on the field, he's also giving back to the community by feeding the homeless off of it.

Eagles players have been giving back to their city for a while now. The most recent being Chris Long, as he donated his entire 2017 salary towards educational equality. And it looks like Jackson is keeping the tradition going.

When Jackson was run out of town in 2014 by former head coach Chip Kelly, he was painted as a bad locker room guy and a selfish player. It's great to see that he's flipping the script and proving that those rumors are no longer true.

Jackson has said numerous times how happy he is to be back in midnight green, and all of Philly is equally as happy to have him back. Stuff like this will only make the Philly faithful love him even more.