VIDEO: Deontay Wilder Accuses Anthony Joshua of Quitting in Stunning Loss to Andy Ruiz Jr

Deontay Wilder is a bad, bad man. The Bronze Bomber, who scored arguably the year's most thunderous boxing knockout when he starched Dominic Brezeale so hard that they felt it in Brazil back in May, might just be the world's best heavyweight fighter, and he didn't hold back when asked about the division's former unified champ, Anthony Joshua. Infamously, AJ was stopped by the unsung Andy Ruiz Jr. in a thrilling match that turned the fight game upside down, and when asked about Joshua's upset TKO defeat, Wilder didn't hold back.

Accusing a world champion of quitting during a title defense is a strong accusation indeed. However, Wilder isn't exactly one to mince words-- after all, he said before he gave Breazeale the long goodbye that he wanted "a body on [his] record." But, this has got to smart if you're AJ, or among the legions of British boxing fans still wondering just what the hell happened on that day at Madison Square Garden in which the rotund Ruiz looked faster, fresher, and infinitely more composed than his decorated opponent.

We may never see Wilder fight Joshua, and it may be that such an endeavor would be a fat waste of everyone's time. All anyone cares about is a Wilder rematch with Tyson Fury, who has his own claim to the mantle of world's baddest heavyweight. But, in the meantime, these accusations against Joshua, strong as they may be, aren't without merit.

And you can bet that Wilder ain't done talking yet.