VIDEO: David Ortiz Challenges Booker T Like an Absolute Savage

We don't care how many times we say it -- we are SO unbelievably happy David Ortiz recovered in time to rejoin the likes of Kevin Burkhardt, Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas for FOX's coverage of the postseason. What makes Big Papi's return all the more special is the fact that he's been acting like his normal goofy self. And that narrative continued just as FS1's postgame coverage of Game 3 of the ALCS concluded on Tuesday night before the network changed to "WWE Backstage." Folks, Ortiz actually mustered the courage to challenge the program's host, and 35-time wrestling champion, Booker T.

Yup, Papi is definitely BACK. In fact, he might be better than ever, because we're not so sure Ortiz was brazen enough to, even though it was sarcastic, confront a WWE Hall of Famer this time last year.

Stay tuned for updates to see if Booker T, never one to back down from a confrontation, claps back at the Boston Red Sox legend.