VIDEO: David Blough Gets off to Hot Start With Big Touchdown Passes to Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones

The struggling Detroit Lions yet again played on Thanksgiving, as they do every year. And no matter how bad they are, it's always a must that they look at least somewhat decent for this nationally-televised game. Thankfully, they showed flashes of excellence against the Bears early on. David Blough got his NFL career off to a sharp start with a huge 75-yard bomb to Kenny Golladay for six.

Golladay was able to break free from the Chicago defense, and Blough, who has started for the injured Matthew Stafford, threw a pass right on the money to even the score.

The Lions came back for more shortly after, and Blough once again found his target in the end zone.

This time it was Marvin Jones on the receiving end, as the Lions jumped out to an early 14-7 lead on the back of the Purdue product.