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VIDEO: Dan Le Batard Opens 'Highly Questionable' With Funny Hint at Recent Critical On-Air Comments


On Monday, ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard took the day off his radio show, as he was caught up in the news this weekend after making critical comments about Donald Trump on his show last week. However, Le Batard decided to do his TV show "Highly Questionable" this afternoon, and he had some fun with this recent on-air comments.

Instead of getting on his high horse and really sticking it to the higher-ups, Le Batard had some fun with this recent spat and was even self-deprecating in the process.

Anyone who has ever listened to Dan Le Batard knows he wasn't going to completely move on without making some sort of reference to all the positive and negative reaction to what he said. He also wasn't going to back down from any of it, of course.

Luckily, he and his co-hosts had fun with the kerfuffle. So, onto the Steve Spurrier conversation, eh?