The Chicago Cubs are now nearly three years removed from their 2016 World Series title, their first in 108 years. But while the Cubs have enjoyed more success since then, they will still eternally relive the moment that defined their existence as a franchise, through the eyes of former catcher David Ross in this awesome video.

In the eight-minute clip that can be found on the Cubs' YouTube channel, Ross recounts a heart-racing Game 7 of the World Series against the Cleveland Indians. In the fifth inning, Jon Lester entered the game in relief, taking Ross with him as his friend and personal catcher. The metrics-driven fifth inning kind of got away from Lester, Ross, and company, with an E2 and passed ball allowing the Tribe to cut a 5-1 gap to 5-3.

Ross then remembers a sixth-inning at bat against Indians' reliever Andrew Miller, a former teammate in Boston. It was in that plate appearance that the game changed, pitch-by-pitch, a the pinch-hitting Ross broke down the pitcher's approach through some intense, split-second decisions. One swing later, this happened.

The solo shot gave the Northsiders a 6-3 lead that was large enough to ultimately absorb the blow that was Rajai Davis' game-tying homer in the eighth. It would be just two innings later that Chicago would hold onto another lead, this time for long enough to record the last out and end over a century of disaster for fans of the team often known as the "lovable losers."

Since this was Ross' final game, there is zero doubt he shared the same pins-and-needles anxiety that millions of Chicagoans felt during that autumn evening.