VIDEO: Cubs Let Pirates Runner Score From 1st on Walk in Absolute Little League Disaster

The Chicago Cubs, normally an above-average team, all suddenly reverted to 10-year-old YMCA players and managed to concoct an unbelievably poor sequence that gave the Pittsburgh Pirates a 1-0 lead ON A WALK. Catcher Willson Contreras threw the ball into center field to catch shortstop Kevin Newman stealing, but ball 4 had already been called, so that decision was pointless. Newman scampered to third, but an errant throw from Albert Almora in center led to Newman taking home plate.

Normally this would call for the Benny Hill Show chase music, but even that can't make this funny. It's just pathetic.

I can imagine manager Joe Maddon is less than thrilled at this display.

Keep in mind, the Cubs consider themselves to be a team worthy of a playoff spot. Unless they clean up boneheaded mental mistakes like this one immediately, they will either miss the playoffs or not do much of anything when they get in.