VIDEO: Colin Cowherd Was Absolutely Giddy to Trash Baker Mayfield After Awful Game Against 49ers

Those who can't stand the Browns may be jumping for joy seeing the team crash and burn (or, at least, descend into bizarre, inconsistent mediocrity), but nobody is more ecstatic to talk about Cleveland's gridiron shortcomings than Colin Cowherd. The host of The Herd had some fun joking around just before getting into Baker Mayfield's poor performance in a loss against the 49ers Monday night.

The man...the man can chalk up a rather prominent victory in his ongoing feud with Mayfield this week.

Browns centerpieces Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. aren't shy to say the least, and when their on-field performances don't coincide with their big talk, Cowherd will be there to attempt to humble them.

Mayfield is on a pedestal of being a franchise QB, but Cowherd had no issues with calling him a backup, citing his size and stats remaining subpar, compared to proven NFL starters.

Cowherd may have some outrageous takes, but there is truth in the fact that Mayfield isn't living up to the stature he built up for himself. The Browns put up a single field goal in their blowout loss to San Francisco, and while their record could be much worse, it looks like their Super Bowl aspirations for this season are just a pipe dream.