VIDEO: Cody Bellinger Makes Incredible Catch Against the Wall to Rob Howie Kendrick of Extra Bases

Cody Bellinger might not have been a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers' early offensive onslaught against Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals in Game 5, but he more than made up for it with a spectacular leaping catch at the center field wall to rob Howie Kendrick of extra bases in the third inning. Folks, if the two-time All-Star doesn't make this web gem, the Nats likely get on the board against Walker Buehler, and who knows what kind of chaos could have ensued.


Bellinger initially got turned around but adjusted with enough time to identify the location of the wall and perfectly time his leap to snag that frozen rope out of mid-air.

The paramount narrative here is that Buehler ended up escaping the inning unscathed. Its only the fourth frame, but we might look back at this highlight-reel grab as a KEY moment in tonight's do-or-die clash when all is said and done.