VIDEO: Clip Shows Play When DeMarcus Cousins Suffered Torn ACL

Los Angeles Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins saw his 2019-2020 season end before it even began when he suffered his second season-ending injury in three years. Boogie tore his ACL, which will put his future as an elite center in doubt. The play in which he tore his ACL has finally leaked (via TMZ), and it shows that Cousins was playing a pickup game in a local gym when his injury went down.

What makes this injury worse for Lakers fans is the fact that he didn't even get injured in team activities.

Following an Achilles injury during his final season as a New Orleans Pelican, Cousins has now suffered arguably the two worst injuries that a center could have endured.

The only word that can accurately describe this is devastating. Cousins went from an All-NBA player to an injury liability in the span of just a few seasons. Lakers fans will likely be inconsolable, and justifiably so.