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VIDEO: Chiefs OL Eric Fisher Gives Himself Beer Shower After Patrick Mahomes' 5th Touchdown Pass of Game

Kansas City Chiefs OL Eric Fisher's beer shower
Kansas City Chiefs OL Eric Fisher's beer shower

After starting remarkably slow on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs have turned the tables as powerfully as possible against the Texans in the divisional round. Patrick Mahomes' four TDs in the second quarter flipped a previously-written script, and the deluge continued in the second half. After Deshaun Watson cut KC's lead back to 10, Mahomes knifed through the Texans' defense like they were made of hot butter, hitting Blake Bell for his first touchdown of the year at a very opportune time. With just under one quarter remaining, veteran lineman Eric Fisher declared that it was Beer O'Clock, going certified Stone Cold with a few brewskis from the crowd.

Here's the touchdown, for what it's worth. Blake Bell got in easily, his road to paydirt effectively paved by Fisher.

From disaster to child's play, Mahomes has entirely rewritten the narrative, pulling himself up from the brink of disaster. And his linemen are REAPING the rewards.