VIDEO: Carson Wentz Shares Heartwarming Moment With Young Eagles Fan at Training Camp

No one will ever be able to question just how great of a guy Carson Wentz is. The man's heart is made of gold. Need further proof? With training camp getting started for the Eagles, he took a ton of time to meet with fans and show them love. And for one young man, the emotions flowed freely when the opportunity came to meet his hero.

The young fella, rocking a sweet green mohawk, couldn't help but let the tears fly when Wentz stopped over to see him. The youngster may be in a wheelchair, but he may has well have been soaring through the clouds when he had this choice encounter with his favorite team's franchise QB.

It's moments like these that reminds us of just how much impact NFL stars can have on boys and girls across the country. Keep doing you, Mr. Wentz.