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VIDEO: Cardinals Relievers Perfectly Synced up in Bullpen is Bizarre and Beautiful

Cardinals relievers are in perfect sync during Game 4 of the NLCS.

The St. Louis Cardinals made their first return to the NLCS since 2014, and it hasn't gone they way they had expected, thanks to the Washington Nationals. They were almost no-hit by Anibal Sanchez and Max Scherzer in the first two games, and got crushed by the Washington bats in Game 3. In Game 4 on Tuesday night, they were blasted for seven runs in the first inning (the Braves say hello), putting the capper on the sweep. Geez, is there anything the Cardinals can do right in this series? Well, just look at the bullpen.

Carlos Martinez and John Brebbia pitching in perfect unison. That's downright hypnotic. That's about the only thing the Cardinals have executed to perfection the entire NLCS. Not pouring salt in the wound or anything, just stating fact.

Who needs the sound of rain or a waterfall to calm down when you can watch this?