VIDEO: Cameron Magruder's NBA Free Agency Fan Recap After Kawhi's Decision is Absolutely Perfect

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NBA free agency did it again, people. As you can imagine, fans around the league have been losing their minds over rumors involving their teams, especially those from the two coasts in Los Angeles and New York. Comedian Cameron Magruder gave a spot-on impression of all fan bases during free agency right after Kawhi Leonard signed with the Los Angeles Clippers, and we can't believe we had to wait this long.

Magruder was accurate in every facet, but nothing was more precise than Clippers fans when they signed Kawhi Leonard and then acquired Paul George, which took the NBA world by storm early Saturday morning.

Not only did he give you reactions to specific players, but he was accurate on the fan portrayal when Chris Broussard reports something. He's not correct a lot of the time, and since he believed Kawhi Leonard would end up with the Lakers, we all should've known that wasn't happening.

Can the Thunder now trade Russell Westbrook so we can get a recap of that?