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VIDEO: Cam Newton Offered Someone $1.5K for Their Plane Seat and Got Shut Down

We all do a little jump for joy when we get an aisle seat on a plane, but most sensible people could be persuaded to sit in a different seat if given enough money. However, as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton learned the hard way, money can't solve everything. Cam was willing to give out $1,500 in CASH just for an aisle seat. For some reason that defies all logic, the passenger in question said no.

Imagine being so rich you turn down $1,500 to stay in an aisle seat.

Glossing over the question of why a guy worth $45 million is flying coach on a 10-hour flight, is being able to stretch your legs on a long flight really worth $1,500?

Most of Twitter had they jaws on the floor when this guy refused Newton's offer. For $1,500, some Panthers fans claim to be willing to sit through a lot worse than a middle seat further back in the cabin.

Let this be a lesson to Cam and anyone flying internationally. Don't wait until the last minute to book a seat. Furthermore, don't try and show up with $1,500 in cash to barter for a better seat, as that apparently doesn't work.