VIDEO: Bucks' George Hill Returns the Favor and Shotguns Beer During Packers Game at Lambeau Field

On Sunday, Green Bay Packers fans were treated to a win over the Denver Broncos at Lambeau Field. But that wasn't the only entertainment provided to the crowd as Milwaukee Bucks guard George Hill made his presence known in front of the crowd. He was seen on the jumbotron shotgunning a beer, which is a trend that many athletes have been a part of at other sporting events. Remember when Packers players were doing this at Bucks games? Well, Hill decided to take his talents to the gridiron.

Hill's chugging skills were good enough to recieve a loud applause from the Green Bay faithful.

It's all fun and games as of now, but baskeball season is soon approaching. Hill better burn off those light beer calories before the start of training camp because the Bucks have NBA Finals expectations placed upon them for the upcoming season.