VIDEO: Bruins Announcer Jack Edwards Catching Heat for Trash Call of Terrifying Roman Polak Injury

To be fair, it's not exactly a clean hit, but Jack Edwards has done this type of thing too much anyway.

Thursday night's Bruins-Stars game saw Dallas defenseman Roman Polak stretchered off the ice after going headfirst into the boards trying to defend the corner. Fortunately, Stars coach Jim Montgomery says he will be okay and could return soon.

Bruins announcer Jack Edwards and color man Andy Brickley fairly pointed out that Polak had a little bit of a cross-check in the back of Bruins forward Chris Wagner as they raced to the boards. Brickley then called it a "self-inflicted injury" before Edwards called it "bad hockey karma", which was surely out of line.

Polak was definitely cross-checking Wagner, but only to a point where he would have hurt his legs, not his head. It is also incredibly difficult when they're skating so quickly and have to stop on a dime. Lastly, no broadcaster should treat a serious injury like this, especially considering the delay from it took about 10 minutes.

This is far from the first time Edwards has had a call that has in which he lacks compassion.

You can't deny he's entertaining, but he'll still go down in infamy for his call against the Philadelphia Flyers.

He also once compared Pittsburgh Penguins forward Matt Cooke to Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan for his career-ending hit to the head of Marc Savard.

The average person can definitely admit Cooke is a dirty player, but it's still an absolute overstatement to compare him to an assassin. It's yet another example of Jack Edwards being Jack Edwards.