VIDEO: Browns' Rookies Mack Wilson and Greedy Williams Pick off Dwayne Haskins in Preseason Debut

The football world has been on the edge of their seats awaiting what was supposed to be one of the most exciting offenses in the league with the Cleveland Browns. Turns out they should've been doing the same for the defense. In the Browns' Thursday night preseason game against the Washington Redskins, rookie LB Mack Wilson made his debut one to remember with a 40-yard pick six, off Dwayne Haskins no less.

Hoskins tried to lob the ball over Wilson's back shoulder but he didn't reach his target, as the former Crimson Tide star was able to make a quick turn and come away with the interception, returning it for a touchdown. Talk about a great start to your career!

Well, the young Browns' defenders weren't done yet, as former LSU star Greedy Williams wanted to get in on the action. He managed to grab a pick of his own on an errant pass from Haskins.

Haskins' night isn't looking great early on, but it's just the preseason and he'll have many chances to bounce back.

As for the Browns' defense? They're looking outstanding.