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VIDEO: Brothers Osborne's Thanksgiving Halftime Show Lost Power Just Seconds Into Their Performance

The Brothers Osborne had a bit of a hiccup before their halftime show got underway at Ford Field for the Lions-Bears Thanksgiving showdown. Just a few notes into their opening song, the power went off on stage. A few moments later electricity was restored, but the band wasn't quite ready to perform after the technical issue.

After a few more technical mishaps, power was finally fully recovered, and encouragement from the fans got the show back on the road.

Fortunately the band got through the rest of their performance without any glaring mistakes, so they'll be thankful for that this holiday season.

This wasn't the only slow start in this game. The opening kickoff had to replayed due to offsetting penalties, tacking an extra few minutes on before the action truly got underway.

Let's just hope the second half gets started without any delays, but seeing how everything else has played out thus far, that seems unlikely.