VIDEO: Brett Gardner Attacks Dugout With Bat After Questionable Strike 3 Call

Keeping your composure as a professional athlete can be hard at times, especially when dealing with calls that you personally don't agree with. In Thursday's ball game between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, we saw exactly how not to handle a situation like that. After Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner was struck out on a questionable strike call, he unleashed his anger on his dugout in spectacular fashion.

As the video shows, the call could have gone either way for Gardner, as the ball barely touches the inside of the strike zone. We completely understand the frustration from Gardner, though, especially given the fact that his team's facing a divisional rival, but taking your anger out with your bat in the dugout for the whole world to see? C'mon.

This isn't the first time we've seen Gardner lose his mind in the dugout after a bad call, and it certainly won't be the last.