VIDEO: Brett Gardner, Aaron Boone and CC Sabathia All Lose Their Minds and Get Tossed From Game

It's fight night in the Bronx?! Well, maybe not, but emotions certainly ran high in the showdown between the Yankees and Indians. Moments ago, CC Sabathia, Aaron Boone and Brett Gardner were all ejected from Saturday's game. Let's start with CC, who by the way is on the Injured List:

Goodness, CC looks like he wants to deliver the Stone Cold Stunner to umpire Phil Cuzzi. He, of course, wasn't the only one furious on Saturday.

Gardner got tossed from Saturday's game after he was seen firing his bat against the ceiling in the dugout. Boone blew another gasket, which let to him getting the early shower:

The Yankees were up 6-4 at the time all of this madness went down. Gardner, Sabathia and Boone will all have to watch the rest of this one from the clubhouse.