VIDEO: Braves Release Awesome Ad Celebrating Female Atlanta Fans

It seems like the Atlanta Braves simply can do no wrong in 2019. Not only has the team been performing on the field, leading the NL East by four games heading into Thursday's action, but they're doing plenty right in the PR department as well. The Braves recently released an ad celebrating the team's female fans, showing all that Atlanta's women can accomplish, and it certainly is a breath of fresh air.

Hats off to you, Atlanta Braves. It's not all about the boys.

There is an unfortunate stereotype that baseball is a sport that is loved almost exclusively by men, but this is far from true. The reality is, the MLB has an abundance of female fans, and it is about time that they get recognized. And no, they're not just fans because of their boyfriends, a brutally dumb stereotype that some ads do an unfortunate job of furthering.

It's pretty cool to see that a team is smart enough to recognize this, and tailor its marketing towards the female audience and their unique strengths. Perhaps this ad is a sign of even better things to come, and women to get the recognition they deserve as baseball fans.