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VIDEO: Bodycam Footage Released of Yankees GM Brian Cashman's Wild Incident at Gunpoint With Cops

Bodycam footage of Yankees GM Brian Cashman being held at gunpoint by Toronto cops.

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman made the news this past weekend during the team's road trip against the Toronto Blue Jays. Cashman had reported his white Jeep Wrangler stolen. When driving around last Friday in said vehicle after it was found, Darien, Connecticut police officers pulled Cashman over and aimed their guns at him because the NYPD apparently didn't file the appropriate paperwork after the vehicle was recovered. On Wednesday, the official bodycam footage was released to the public.

The officer yelled at Cashman to keep his hands outside the vehicle and back up toward the police with his hands up. Despite the scary situation, Cashman appeared to be calm and fully cooperated with the officers.

The incident occurred due to Cashman's Jeep still being listed on the "stolen vehicles list," despite it being found in the Bronx by NYPD officers. In fact, Cashman was driving the vehicle to Norwalk police for an evidence check.

To further add to the drama, Darien PD was already looking for a white Jeep, driven by a suspect who pulled a gun at a local doctor's office, and spotted Cashman.

To say this is an absolutely bonkers situation is an understatement.