VIDEO: Blues Just Got Completely Screwed on Clear Hand Pass on Sharks' Game-Winning Goal

Yes, the referees can ask for help. No, they can't overturn anything if none of the four men on the ice saw the indiscretion. Unfortunately for the St. Louis Blues, the goal they allowed late while San Jose's goalie was pulled wasn't the only indignity they faced at home in Game 3. The Sharks won this game following a clear and blatant hand pass one noticed, overturned, or made right.

The Blues following the officials to the exit, then smashing their sticks on the arena wall certainly rung true. They outplayed the Sharks in this one, rallied, showed more passion, and had nothing but a 2-1 series deficit to show for it, thanks to four refs' combined blind incompetence.

This one's not even "controversial." We all saw it. All of us but the men who mattered. Thanks for the help, Toronto office!