VIDEO: Ball Hawk Zack Hample Has Incredibly Lame Way to Steal Batting Practice Baseballs

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When you go to a baseball game, whether it be college, minor leagues or professional, one of the things you'd love to come away with is a baseball. That's definitely the case when you go to batting practice, as players are launching baseballs into the outfield, and sometimes the seats. But just how far would you go to get your hands on a ball? Renowned baseball hawk Zack Hample was seen collecting batting practice balls with an odd cup and string method.

While anyone who knows Hample is aware that collecting baseballs is what he does, his latest tactics are over the top. It's one thing to have a ball tossed to you in the stands, or to catch a ball that ends up in the seats. But what Hample is doing here is quite literally stealing the baseball from the field.

Sure, MLB teams likely carry endless amounts of baseballs with them at their respective stadiums, but that doesn't mean Hample has the right to poach them from the outfield.

He certainly wouldn't be allowed to step foot on the field to snag a ball, so why should he be able to use his extending contraption to corral the balls?

I suppose it's cool that his Sandlot inspired mechanism worked, but Hample's obsession with collecting baseballs is now hitting a new extreme. This has to stop.