VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Has Zero Regrets About Planting Flag in Ohio Stadium Turf While at Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield's GQ interview certainly has made its fair share of headlines. Outside of strutting up and down the sideline while grabbing his crotch, one of the memorable moments of the Cleveland Browns QB's college career is planting the Oklahoma flag on Ohio State's turf. Well, the loud-mouthed, confident former Heisman Trophy winner has absolutely no regrets about being himself and declaring the forcible seizure of the Buckeyes' home field.

As expected, the stunt did not go over well with the local fans. Mayfield was criticized for his "poor sportsmanship" and an apology had to be dragged out of him.

In his GQ interview, Mayfield gave his apology a zero out of ten. He has no interest in what other people think about him. His No. 1 concern is winning football games.

Mayfield says it how he sees it, and if he revives the dying Cleveland Browns franchise, he can say and do whatever he wants.