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VIDEO: Astros' Kyle Tucker Makes Incredible Home Run Robbery Against Rangers' Scott Heineman

Kyle Tucker robs Scott Heineman's potential homer in most casual way possible.

If you possess the skills in a specific task, you can't help but show off. That's what Houston Astros outfielder Kyle Tucker did Wednesday night against the Texas Rangers. Outfielder Scott Heineman took a Gerrit Cole pitch deep to right field, looking poised to reach the seats of Minute Maid Park. However, Tucker darted over and made a sensational home run robbery, leaping up and plucking the ball out of the air, keeping the game scoreless in the third.

The rookie has only been patrolling the right field grass for the Astros for a few weeks now, called up when rosters expanded at the beginning of September, but he's proven a capable outfielder, and showcased just that with this spectacular web gem.