VIDEO: Antonio Brown's Feet on 'Hard Knocks' Are Freaking Horrific

The 2019 offseason has been an eventful one for Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown. Not only has he forced his way out of Pittsburgh, arrived to camp in a hot air balloon, and threatened to retire over not being able to wear a certain type of helmet, but he almost froze his feet off in a cryotherapy chamber. The nation then got to see Brown's disgusting feet post-frostbite on the first episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks," and they're just as nasty as you'd imagine.

Hope you didn't eat dinner right before you saw that. Put those socks RIGHT back on, AB!

While human quote machine Jon Gruden will soak up a lot of HBO's time this season, Brown will undoubtedly be even more of a focus this time around following his offseason transformation from All-Pro wide receiver to prima donna.

Brown is not afraid to do as he pleases, say what he wants to say, and let us, the viewing public, deal with the consequences. From a team chemistry point of view, and for those who threw up in their mouths after looking at his gross feet, it's a nightmare. From a ratings perspective, it's gold.

The Raiders may not be so good this year, but the HBO executives who put Brown front and center surely have dollar signs in their eyes.