VIDEO: Clip of Antonio Brown Farting on Doctor Named in Lawsuit Surfaces

New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown was the subject of a Sports Illustrated piece that brought to light allegations both serious (another credible assault claim) and nonsensical (believing a chef was trying to kill him after he saw a salmon head in his fridge, starving his pet piranhas to death, etc.). One juicy tidbit claimed that Brown farted in the face of a former "on-call wellness coach" by the name of Victor Prisk, who is suing Brown for $11,500. Based on video documentation from a year ago, the Brown scoop is not totally unfounded.

While the video doesn't look as incriminating as the Robert Klemko article would made it seem, we at least have documented proof that Prisk's accusations were not totally unfounded.

It's not criminal, by any means, but it sure is bizarre, and is merely another breadcrumb of weird AB behavior on the trail that the media is following.

While Brown is under investigation for some concerning and nefarious allegations of sexual assault and rape, he has added to his substantial pile of baggage now that incidents like this have been made public.