VIDEO: Alex Bregman Responds to A-Rod's Allegations About Luis Severino Tipping Pitches

The Houston Astros, 1-through-9, are great at their craft. As has been tradition in baseball for about 150 years, part of that craft involves gaining an edge on the opposing pitcher, in any way possible. Figuring out his tell, using spying to get the job done...really, anything goes. It's the opponent's job to stop it. But in the wake of being accused, once again, of having something on Luis Severino's slider in Game 3, possible league MVP Alex Bregman says that's not the case.

I'm inclined to think the 'Stros see something on the slider in the dirt they keep spitting on, but that's just me.

Whether Houston has inside info or not, their offense hasn't feasted quite as often as they likely anticipated against a depleted Yankees staff. Aaron Boone's been very proactive thus far in the series, changing matchups, and removing problematic pitchers before Houston can do too much damage.

Masahiro Tanaka will return for Game 4, thanks to Wednesday's rainout, and he's the one starter Houston hasn't come completely prepared for. Let's see what Bregman's able to pull from the file before that one starts.